Passionate Message To Nigerian Youth



Let me begin by stating unequivocally that I have spent my entire service life defending my nation and democracy because I am convinced that it is the political system most conducive to peace, sustainable development, the rule of law, and respect for human rights, which are the three pillars of any healthy and democratic nation. 

Permit me to utilize this opportunity to congratulate Nigeria and all Nigerians, particularly the youth, on 22 years of uninterrupted democratic administration. Some may argue that Nigeria’s young democracy is nothing to celebrate because its elections, which are designed to serve as means for the peaceful resolution of political rivalries, are frequently flashpoints for political bloodshed. I concur that elections devoid of integrity cannot bring legitimacy to the winners, security to the losers, or public confidence in their leaders and institutions. 

This weakens polities by encouraging disaffected groups to seek out less constructive outlets for their discontent. Because of this challenge associated with all nascent democracies, some people feel that there is no need to commend the Nigerian democratic project. I respectfully disagree. 

We are evolving, and as you can see, the system is improving daily as a result of our leaders’ periodic enhancements to the democratic system. For instance, the 2022 Electoral Act which the President,  Commander-in-Chief, President Muhammadu Buhari just signed into law, is a factor that will  undoubtedly improve the transparency and acceptability of the country’s future elections and promote democratic governance.

Democracy remains a universal aspiration because it actually delivers. For example, of the twenty countries with highest levels of human development as measured by the UN’s human development index, nineteen are liberal democracies.

 Among the top forty, thirty-six are liberal democracies. And even the citizens of poorer democracies live, on average, nine years longer than citizens of poor autocracies, because they have better access to health and education. Democracies are also less vulnerable to famines and conflicts.

It was the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, who said, “Man is, by nature, a political animal.” It means that a man is born, lives, and dies as a member of a community, and the affairs of that community are therefore his and vice-versa. 

This is why since my transition back to civilian life from the Army, I have continued to participate in every civic activity I could to promote peace and strengthen our democracy. It is the reason I decided to send this message to all  Nigerian youths. 

Democracy is known as the finest form of government. Why so? It is because in a democracy, the people of the country choose their leaders who will then form a government to lead them. 

They enjoy certain rights that are very essential for any human being to live freely and happily. On the other hand, Good governance has been defined to refer to structures and processes that are designed to ensure accountability, transparency, responsiveness, rule of law, stability, equity and inclusiveness, empowerment, and broad-based participation. 

Good governance also represents the norms, values and rules of the game through which public affairs are managed in a manner that is transparent, participatory, inclusive and responsive. 

If we want to continue to make our democracy work and deliver dividends, we must take the critical issues of participation and a vibrant democratic system in Nigeria as sacrosanct, and our youths must embrace what I termed political dynamism. Political dynamism can be defined as vigorous political activity that is geared towards progress, and strength in the polity. 

It is usually characterized by patriotism, service to the fatherland, and youth inclusivity. Youth can be a creative force, a dynamic source of innovations, and they have undoubtedly, throughout history, participated, contributed, and even catalyzed important changes in political systems, power-sharing dynamics, and economic opportunities.

However, young people also face poverty, barriers to education, multiple forms of discrimination, and limited employment prospects and opportunities. 

This is a global challenge although it differs across countries, and it is why the youth must take the issue of electing their leaders very seriously. Our greatest resource as a country is not crude oil or any of the natural minerals but our population, our youth. 

Today, we have the largest global youth population in history, and the large majority of young people around the world are committed to peace, sustainable development, and human rights. 

Throughout my time in the Army, I’ve met with many groups of young people, including youth groups, student groups, and young leaders. I’ve always been impressed by their talent, knowledge, and desire to make the world a better place.

If I should take you back to memory lane to the history of our founding fathers, which most people agree that Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto, and Chief Obafemi Awolowo agreed on, you will find out that they all started as youths fired by political dynamism. 

Dr. Azikiwe captured the nation’s attention when, in 1937, he arrived in Nigeria with an electrifying personality and a bundle of talents, and on November 22, 1937, he published the maiden edition of his popular newspaper, The West African Pilot. 

The Sardauna started to experiment with his leadership qualities right from Katsina Teachers’ College, and later on, through political dynamism characterized by inclusiveness of all ethnic nationalities in the North. Same with Awolowo who showed his people the power of education as a liberating and equalizing force in any society.

 All three of these great leaders practiced political dynamism characterized by non-violence, patriotism, human development, and service to humanity.

The first time all three met together was on Friday, June 19, 1953. Enahoro’s Self-Government-Now bill and the consequent resignation of all the Action Group’s federal ministers caused a constitutional crisis which made Nigeria ungovernable. 

Oliver Lyttleton, the secretary of state for colonies, tried to salvage the situation by inviting the main players to a constitutional conference in London. But Awolowo and Azikiwe, who had become friends since Enahoro’s bill was tabled, refused the terms and conditions. Because the Sardauna was fine with them, Macpherson, Nigeria’s governor, brought Sardauna, Azikiwe and Awolowo together in his office to jointly fashion new terms and conditions.

After the meeting, which ended at 10:10pm, he presented the trio to the media and the Daily Times the following day, naming them The Big Three. Since then, it has stuck that they were founding fathers because their tribes and their parties were the largest and because it offered an inclusive impression that all the regions had a say in the formation of the country.

In countries emerging from or facing conflicts, young people can engage in peace-building by leading non-violent movements and using innovative solutions to mobilize societies to bring about the needed transformation. 

Young people have demonstrated the potential to build bridges across communities, working together to help manage conflict and promote peace. Young people play a big role in conflict and peace-building, and they can be agents of peaceful change and help rebuild lives and communities, making the world a better place. 

President Muhammadu Buhari has laid a foundation for a new Nigeria. Despite the myriad of challenges, he has kept faith with his vision and principles. The youths must carry these vision and principles beyond this administration. The legacies must be protected for a greater Nigeria and a formidable future generations. 

My message to young people today is that they must not let themselves be used as willing tools by do-or-die politicians who want to stir up trouble in their communities. Instead, you must embrace the tenets of political dynamism and root out every factor that contributes to the democracy deficit in Nigeria, namely voter apathy, ballot snatching, looting, arson, and the likes. 

You constitute a large percentage of our voting and working population. You are also going to be the number one population block that will suffer the consequences of bad governance and incompetent leaders in the future. 

Therefore, you must do everything to safeguard your future survival and welfare in mind. Get actively involved in the democratic process by joining a political party and electing those who will lead you. Remember that voting is a civic duty expected of every Nigerian.

I thank you all  Great Nigerian Youths. 

Ambassador Tukur Yusufu Buratai (Lt Gen Rtd) was Nigeria’s ex Chief of Army Staff and presently Ambassador of the country to Benin Republic


In the course of operations conducted within the period between 23- 27 February 2022, troops of MNJTF sector 1 Cameroon conducted operation in Vretet-Zamga-Ngoshe triangle in the general area of Kirawa on the Nigeria /Cameroon borders where several BHT/ISWAP insurgents were neutralised and many fled with gun shot wounds. 

This was disclosed in a statement signed by the Chief of Military Public Information Headquarters Multi National Joint Task Force N’Djamena Chad Colonel Mohammed Dole and made available to the press on 28 February 2022

During the operation large quantity of materials and assorted food stuff were recovered. The items include 01 AK47 rifle, 01 AK47 Magazine, several ammunitions of the 7.62 MM special variant , 21 bicycles, 01 BHT uniform, 39 bags millet and 02 bags of beans.  An intelligence analysis indicates that, the items were being smuggled from the borders to sambisa forest. It is believed the terrorists are stock piling materials for the incoming month of Ramadan. Further exploitation of the engagement areas showed traces of blood, evidence of BHT/ISWAP criminals removed corpses of their dead colleagues while 2 corpses of Boko Haram criminals were discovered.

The Force Commander (FC) MNJTF, Major General Abdul Khalifah Ibrahim  has sent his personal commendation to the Commander Sector 1 with headquarters (HQs) in Mora (Cameroon) Brigadier General Bouba Dobekreo. The FC praised the display of courage and gallantry by the troops, as they continue to conduct special operations to combat the insurgents. He urged them to remain committed ,bold and unpredictable and to continue to dominate the area, to ensure that BHT/ISWAP terrorists are cut off from any logistics resupply. General Ibrahim assured that HQs MNJTF would make concerted efforts to ensure that all the sectors get the equipment that were allotted to them recently. ( see attached pictures)

PMB commeds for for his support towards repositioning the Armed Forces

Major Gen Bashir Salihi Magashi rtd has on Saturday thanked President, Commander of the Armed Forces, Muhammadu Buhari for his support and efforts towards repositioning the Armed Forces of Nigeria and strengthening our national security.
Magashi in his speech at the Passing Out Parade of Cadets of Nigerian Army Short Service Course 47 held in Kaduna said, ” We have witnessed an unprecedented growth of the Armed Forces, including the acquisition of more equipment and capacity building”.
While pointing out that all these have impacted positively on the performance of troops in the various theatres of operations across the country he assured Nigerians that the Armed Forces will never relent in its efforts to confront all threats to our Nation.
According to him, “We will remain committed to building an Armed Forces that will be the pride of the nation and capable of defending the country against both internal and external threats”.
Magashi also commence the Service Chiefs in particular the chief of Army Staff Lt Gen Faruk Yahaya for his support to the Academy as well as his efforts towards improving the Nigerian Army.
While congratulating the Commandant, staff and cadets of the Academy for the excellent parade we witnessed this morning also appreciate the families and friends of the passing out cadets and urge you all not to relent in your prayers and support for these fine young men and women.
On the passing out cadets, he said that today’s passing out parade once again demonstrates the credence of this great citadel of military training in producing competent officers and future leaders for the Armed Forces of Nigeria.
His words; “As you graduate today, you will be joining the corps of gallant Nigerian Army officers, adding that . you will be required to lead soldiers in various theatres of operation across the country where you will be expected to utilize the skills you have acquired during the course of your training.
He explained that there will be challenges ahead and your career paths will not be the same but the road to success and excellence will always depend on your fundamental ethics of hard work, discipline and commitment to high standards.
Magashi further explained that It will therefore be your responsibility to adapt and navigate through the challenges and make the best of the opportunities that the Service will provide.
While congratulating the graduating cadets from the Republic of Liberia, Magashi said ” I have been reliably informed that you performed very well during the course of your training.
He added Incidentally, many serving and retired officers of the Nigerian Armed Forces participated in the ECOMOG operation in Liberia, including the Chief of Army Staff and my humble self,saying thatWe are proud of our service to Liberia and we cherish the friendly relations that exist between our 2 countries.

Nigeria Will Be On Path To Glory In 2023 If Senator Bala Mohammed Emerges President – Association of West African Monarchs

The Secretary General of the Association of West African Monarchs (AWAM), Comrade Eliot Afiyo has expressed optimism that Nigeria will be on the path to glory in 2023, if Bauchi State Governor, Senator Bala Mohammed emerges president.

He expressed this in Accra Ghana on Friday night, while delivering the closing remarks at the AWAM gathering.

“Your Eminences, Highnesses, Majesties and my fellow Comrades. It is a privilege to be invited once again to give a closing remarks having done the same last week in Quagadogou.

“You will recall that I was with the francophone countries in Quagadogou last week where I told them that a Messiah is coming from Nigeria in 2023 to free the West African sub- region from every form of poverty and slavery,” he said.

According to him, despite all pressures from within and outside the West African sub-Region, he refused to disclose the Messiah.

“But learning from our mistakes and experiences in the past roundtables where our collective decisions and resolutions were misinterpreted and implemented, it seems absolutely necessary for me to disclose the Messiah in waiting who will by His grace, takes us to our Canaan land.

“This Messiah is nobody but Senator Bala Mohammed, the present Governor of Bauchi state of Nigeria,” he said.

Comrade Afiyo stated clearly that this is not a wish, but a strong believe and it is so.

“The truth is that Bala Mohammed is a special divine gift to Nigeria by God who will free Nigeria in particular and West Africa in general, from every form of entanglement by Pharaoh come 2023.

“It is very unusual and unexpected of me to come out publicly to announce my choice for Nigeria’s president. But the truth is that Nigeria is presently faced with a very unusual situation with requires a very unusual approach and actions.

“Furthermore, the agents of evil have taken over all facets of Nigeria and as such, it requires programmatic, proactive and timely identification and international support towards 2023 in order to ensure that power changes hand.

“My revered elders and comrades, I will to assure you that Senator Bala Mohammed has the capacity to secure and develop Nigeria and if such a person is gracefully given the opportunity to lead Nigeria, he will graciously and gloriously ensure peace and stability which are necessary ingredients for progress and development.

“This is a man from all indications and ramifications, that exhibits brilliance, intelligence, honesty, transparency, fairness, boldness, courage and humility without religious or ethnic sentimental hoarseness. Above all, he is an embodiment of justice and fear of God.

“He is such a person that listens and takes decisions based on nationalistic approach and verifiable acoustic tendencies or leanings.

“He has a very high sense of conviction, judgemental reasoning, puritanistics belief and cinematic negotiating acumen and ability.

“Such a person with these attributes and ideals as a way of life, if given the opportunity to lead Nigeria, will only be compared with the likes of the Sankaras, Mbomas, Sadaunas, Awolowos, Azikiwes and the Boros,” he said.

He concluded that their support for Senator Bala Mohammed to emerge as the President of Nigeria in 2023 is a clear support for the peace, unity and progress of not only Nigeria but the West African sub -Region.

Afiyo was speaking in hisclosing remarks as the Secretary -General of the Association of West African Monarchs (AWAM) and the President of the Northern Youth Leaders Forum (NYLF) during the 17th Biennial roundtable discussions by selected Traditional Rulers and Youth leaders from the Anglophone West African countries which held between 23rd to 25th of February 2022 in Airport View Hotel, Accra Ghana.

COAS Charges Army Cadets To Be Exemplary, Operationalizes 37 NDA Demonstration Battalion

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Lt Gen Faruk Yahaya today 25 February 2022 operationalized 37 Nigerian Defence Academy Demonstration Battalion in Afaka, Kaduna State. 

During the ceremony, which took place at the premises of the premier military institution, Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), the COAS stated that timely review and adjustment of Order of Battle for the Nigerian Army (NA) has become imperative, due to the fluidity and dynamic  nature of contemporary threats to national security. He noted that this necessitated the need to establish the new battalion.

The COAS further disclosed that the establishment of the battalion had earlier been approved by the NDA Council, adding that its activation is a practical demonstration of the NA’s commitment to enhancing national security by complementing the capacity development efforts of the NDA, which has the mandate of producing quality junior military officers for the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

Gen Yahaya stressed that in his effort to enable the battalion achieve its dual mandate of supporting the training of cadets and the provision of security to Kaduna State, he authorized the issuance of vehicles, arms, ammunition and other enablers to facilitate a smooth take off for the new battalion.

The COAS also commissioned the Headquarters of the  Battalion and conducted a foundation laying ceremony to commence the construction of a standard barrack for  officers and soldiers of the battalion. 

While addressing the troops,  the Army Chief charged them to be exemplary and live by the battalion’s motto, which is, “Resilience and Adaptability”. He urged them to demonstrate the traits of the battalion’s mascot, the “Honey Badger”, a creature, known to be fearless, resourceful, resilient and adaptable.

In an earlier event, which also took place today, the COAS addressed Passing Out Cadets of Short Service Course 47, where he charged the Cadets, who will be passing out tomorrow 26 February 2022 from the Nigerian Defence Academy, to imbibe the principles of their training and be loyal, dedicated and committed to military duties. 

He also admonished the 293 Passing Out Cadets to shun societal vices such as “get rich quick and drug abuse syndromes” currently permeating the ranks of some misguided youths in the country. He added, that the NA has imbued them with requisite training and discipline to succeed in their military career and to actualize their life ambitions.

The COAS also expressed confidence in the standard of training given to the cadets and their ability to perform effectively in the field, especially, in defence of the nation and the citizenry.

In his remarks, Commandant, Nigerian Defence Academy, Maj Gen Ibrahim Manu Yusuf said, “Today will go down in history for the academy as one of those special days when the academy achieves one of its milestones.

“The Nigerian Defence Academy has been craving for a demonstration battalion for many years it has always been a demonstration company.

“The need for it to be upgraded into demonstration battalion consistent with the practice in Nigeria Army maneuver training tools has been in the open for quite some time.

“We are highly delighted under the leadership of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Faruk Yahaya, the establishment order came into force now consistent with the Nigerian Army tradition there is requirement for the unit to be formally operational.

“I will like to thank the chief of Army Staff for making this a reality.”

Present at the events were the Commandant, Nigerian Defence Academy Maj Gen Ibrahim Yusuf, Principal Staff Officers from the Defence and Services Headquarters, Commander Infantry Corps and other senior officers from the NDA.

2023 Presidency: Governor Yahaya Bello Remains the People’s Choice – Group

A Political Support group Known as “Got Your Back Nigeria” has declared Yahaya Bello as the choice of the Nigerian People.

The Co-ordinator of the group , Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr, Stated this in a press statement title ” 2023 Presidency: And the People’s Choice is GYB, Why , You May Ask” He said the falsehood and deciet deployed by a some groups of Political Gladiators and operators failed and will keep failing because truth never loses to falsehood

The statement reads;

Like a pack of loose cards the desperate falsehood, perfidy and deceit deployed by a select group of political operators and gladiators to shoot down the aspiration of Governor Yahaya Bello for the high office of President fails because Truth never loses to falsehood. Convinced that their falsehood isn’t sticking, the new stock in trade is zoning, a dogma that professes justice, but works injustice against the rights of the generality of the people to pursue any ambition they hold dear.

Zoning is but the selfish call of the present political elite and players garbed as a call for justice and fairness, but nothing is just in seeking to deny others the right to run for the high office of President now or in the future. You cannot right a wrong by instituting another wrong. We cannot in pursuing our individual ambition deny others that right. Nigeria must create new ways of inclusion rather than seeking to deny others and indeed posterity the right to pursue their ambition at the banal altar of ‘your people have always produced a President and ours haven’t’. In the 21st century the minimums are competency and capacity, and not exclusion. Zoning is exclusion not inclusion. And I’m open to any debate on this.

Manifestly the masses of our people across ethnic and religious divides, across zonal tendencies and across Partisan lines congregate at the parlour where issues about 2023 and the leadership minimums that Nigerians crave predominate the discuss. Nigerians are unanimous in the choice of Youth, Competency, Capacity, and Inclusiveness. Nigerians aggregate at the quest for a Republic beyond the politics of yesterday. And Nigerians believe that together with GYB we can reset, restart and rework our nation for greatness. The reason for this confidence are multifarious and multifaceted. And against the deluge of falsehood that Governor Yahaya Bello’s political opponents bandy, we have consistently placed the Truth before you.

Here are some of the many lucid and incontrovertible reasons GYB is the people’s choice for President come 2023.

To a nation seeking a way out of its monstrous dependence on Oil, GYB shows the way. Everyone agrees that for our nation Agriculture is one of the surest way out of the nadir, but whilst other leaders mouth it, GYB is practical about the great future that Agriculture holds for Nigeria, and through the Kogi Appeals Support, a special Agricultural Revolution Scheme thousands of Farmers are empowered yearly and Kogi has increasingly become the new food hub of the nation. Since Nigerians desire a man that knows it, the choice for 2023 is centred on Governor Yahaya Bello GYB becoming President Yahaya Bello PYB come 2023.

On Security, Kogi State which is the only State in Nigeria that has as much as 10 Borders (9 States including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja) is doing profound under GYB. The GYB led government of Kogi State took the State from the low where Boko Haram had her IED making factory to the safest State in the entire North, and the second safest State in Nigeria. For his scorecard on Security, Nigerians believe that it has to be from Governor Yahaya Bello GYB to President Yahaya Bello PYB come 2023.

The GYB infrastructural transformation of Kogi State ranging from the massive ultra modern Civic Centre, to the sprawling Ganaja Bridge and Flyover in Lokoja, amongst the many network of roads across the State, have turned Lokoja the State capital to one of the fastest growing cities in Africa, and made Kogi State one of the most functional States in Nigeria. Unlike some Governors, GYB does not build roads and facilities only to use as much funds to commission them. GYB’s commitment to infrastructural development is one of the reasons Nigerians agree it has to be from Governor Yahaya Bello GYB to President Yahaya Bello PYB come 2023.

On inclusion and integration, Kogi is arguably the mini Nigeria (it is multi religious, multi lingual and multi ethnic). And Kogi State under the watch of Governor Yahaya Bello GYB is a testimony of responsible and responsive leadership. GYB has been equitable in the spread of development and appointments across all credible tendencies in the State, he has shown fairness and justice to all and he has taken Kogi beyond the banal issues that trouble today’s Nigeria. For this cause Nigerians aggregate on the fact that it has to be from Governor Yahaya Bello GYB to President Yahaya Bello PYB come 2023.

On COVID-19 and allied issues, GYB’s dogged insistence that Nigeria must interrogate the COVID-19 pandemic and grow indigenous approach to it, and the deployment of the COVID-19 stimulus package into building one of the biggest medical facilities in West Africa are lucid mementoes of the GYB magic. Indeed the Kogi Reference Hospital is sure to reduce medical tourism in Nigeria. And Nigerians agree that GYB is the sure bet for the high office of President come 2023.

On Youth inclusion and gender parity, GYB runs the most successful Youth centred and all inclusive administration in Nigeria. He runs the most gender sensitive and inclusive administration in the whole of Africa. GYB does not only mouth Youth and Gender inclusion he lives it. For this cause the Youth O’clock fervency is centred on the choice of GYB for President come 2023.

On commitment to service oriented and purpose driven leadership, GYB surmounted a very wicked and a most impish and devious machination to wit the rumoured placing of funds meant for Salaries in Kogi State in a profit yielding account in Sterling Bank, that demonic script targeted at rubbishing the GYB legacy didn’t deter him, instead GYB took Kogi State to the top of the World Bank rating of States in Nigeria. It is on record that Kogi State is arguably the best in fiscal and financial discipline in Governance in today’s Nigeria. For his scorecard in Fiscal and Financial Discipline, Nigerians are unanimous in the choice of GYB for President come 2023.

On Workers welfare, not only has GYB cleared the backlog of salaries he inherited when he became Governor. He is not owing Kogi workers, except perhaps the Ghost Workers since eliminated from the payroll by the Biometric forensics that showed that before he became Governor Kogi State was a massive workers pay fraud. Also GYB has taken Kogi State to the top of the chart in States that pay Medical and health workers as at when due.

On the Minimum wage question, GYB has shown capacity and commitment to the plight of Kogi workers by joining the league of the States that pay the new minimum wage, this indeed is regardless of the meagre resources that accrue to Kogi State from the Federation Account, and testamentary of the commitment of the effective watchman and compassionate leader to the minimums that governance must be about the well-being of the people. And that is why Nigerians are united in the quest for a GYB Presidency come 2023.

Again on Agriculture, GYB inherited a Rice farming State that had no functional Rice Mill to receive the raw materials from her numerous Rice Farmers, today however, the story is different as Kogi State has one of the most functional Rice Mills in Nigeria. On this amazing GYB magic and more devolves the call of Nigerians to Governor Yahaya Bello to seek the high office of President come 2023.

On Job Creation, GYB has lifted Kogi State from the State where hundreds of thousands, if not millions of unemployable youths across the State struggle without hope, to the State with one of the best Skill Acquisition and Informal Education programmatic. GYB is creating jobs and making the seemingly unemployable employable. For this cause the masses agree that come 2023 it has to be from Governor Yahaya Bello GYB to President Yahaya Bello PYB.

On education, the Kogi State University before GYB was one of the least funded Tertiary institutions in Nigeria, today the Kogi State University is one of the most funded and improved tertiary institutions in the Country. And the same applies to the entire Kogi State educational architecture, with GYB education is the way to go, little wonder Nigerians agree that GYB is the choice for the Nigeria of our dreams, and 2023 is our date with destiny.

Compatriots, the Youth O’clock vision and the agenda for a GYB Presidency come 2023 is rooted on the remarkable strides and the deafening success of GYB in Kogi State. It stands on the infrastructural highs of Kogi under GYB. It is predicated on GYB’s impact on the sociopolitical stage, and on his monstrous human capital development in the State of Kogi. The GYB feats are phenomenal and his achievements in Education, Housing, Security, healthcare et cetera profound. And GYB fits the bill for the responsible and responsive President we crave. Together with GYB we can birth and berth a new Nigeria come 2023

Finally, Countrymen and women beyond the politics of zoning and power rotation a highly progressive world calls for competency and capacity, on this lever, Nigerians are poised and determined that Governor Yahaya Bello GYB becomes President Yahaya Bello PYB come 2023. Indeed a new and a prosperous Nigeria is possible. And so shall it be. God Bless Nigeria.

Ambassador Buratai Distances himself from Presidential Campaigns

Former Chief Of Army Staff(COAS), Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai, has distanced himself from campaign posters by some group of persons calling on him to contest for the 2023 presidential elections.

Buratai, who is also Nigeria’s Ambassador to Republic of Benin, said he has never indicated interest in politics or declared his intention to contest for the office of president in next year’s general elections. He reiterated his contentment and commitment to national service in his present capacity as Nigeria’s Ambassador to the Benin Republic.

He has therefore called on the public to ignore the posters which he said is the handiwork of mischief makers for reasons best known to them.

Buratai, made this known in a statement signed by former director army public relations officer Brigadier General Sani Usman, issued in Abuja.

The statement made available to Newsmen, reads; “The attention of His Excellency, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusufu Buratai (rtd), Nigeria’s Ambassador to Republic of Benin and former Chief of Army Staff, has been drawn to calls and dissemination of campaign posters calling on him to join partisan politics and contest for Presidential candidature of one of the political parties by some persons.

“However, it is essential to state that the Ambassador has never indicated interest, discussed with, or directed anyone on such matters. Therefore, such calls and posters should be  discountenance as they did not emanate from him, nor is he interested in them. It is entirely the handiwork of some people for reasons best known to them.

“His Excellency wishes to reiterate his contentment and commitment to national service in his present capacity as Nigeria’s Ambassador to the Benin Republic. He remains loyal and eternally grateful to President Muhammadu Buhari for the opportunity to serve. He, however, wishes to thank all well-meaning persons, friends and well-wishers who showed concern over this development”.


The Headquarters Multinational Joint Taskforce (MNJTF) organized a befitting send forth in honour of Lieutenant Colonel Segolene Hobson (British Army) on the occasion of her successful completion of tour of duty which took place on 16 February 2022.
This was contained in a statement signed by the Chief Military Public Information Headquarters Multi National Joint Task Force N’Djamena Chad and made available to the press on 19 February 2022

Lt Col Hobson was the Commander Liaison and Support Team MNJTF as part of Operation TURUS and a United Kingdom (UK) Staff Officer for Development and Stabilization with Centre for Coordination and Liaison (CCL) in N’Djamena Chad. The Force Commander (FC) MNJTF, Major General Abdul Khalifah Ibrahim commended her outstanding performance and applauded her commitment in promoting cooperation and mutual support between the MNJTF, CCL and operation TURUS.

General Ibrahim praised her efforts in coordination of the medical outreaches for communities and conduct of series of training packages for MNJTF personnel, as part of the UK government support. He added that, the training packages and donation of twelve combat cameras will surely improve the troop operational efficiency and proficiency.

General Ibrahim urged to have a focused and proactive partnership between MNJTF and UK forces, pointing out that working together with partners will speedily end terrorism in the region. He said, such global alliance and collaboration will definitely open opportunities to explore common goals and aspiration in the fight against terror. Highlights of the event included decoration of the honorary MNJTF medal and presentation of the souvenirs to the departing senior officer. The event was hitch free.

In a similar event, an Executive Session in honour of Colonel IM Kabir (Nigerian Army) the outgoing Chief  Military Intelligence Officer(J2) was held on 18 February 2022 at the HQ MNJTF N’Djamena Chad. Colonel Kabir has completed his tour of duty and will soon proceed on retirement after thirty-two years of meritorious service in the Nigerian Army. General Ibrahim lauded his deep analysis of information and near perfect projections, which impacted positively in the recent conduct of field operations. He said, it is a pride to serve in the military profession meritoriously and retire honourably in good health, hence he congratulated and wish him success in his future endeavours.

In another development, a total of twelve Military Staff Officers (MSOs) from Chad, Nigeria and Niger republics have completed their tour of duty. During the medal presentation ceremony, the MSOs were decorated with MNJTF medals, presented certificates and customized plaques on 18 February 2022. The colourful ceremony was in recognition and appreciation of their selfless contribution and support to the conduct of various operations across the sectors for the restoration of peace and security in the region.

General Ibrahim expressed satisfaction with their performance, which has enabled the Force to execute various offensive and humanitarian operations in the course of achieving the mandates of the MNJTF. Stating that, the situation in Lake Chad is getting better, now Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are returning to their localities and engaging in different socio-economic activities. “Despite ongoing terrorists surrender to the troops, the Force will continue to launch offensive attacks until the remnant of the criminals are totally smoked out of their enclaves” he added.

The FC appreciated the unrelenting support of the Troops Contributing Countries to MNJTF in accomplishing its mandates, thus restoring the much-needed peace and security in the region. He paid tribute to the fallen heroes, who paid the supreme sacrifice. He prayed for the eternal repose of their souls and wish speedy recovery to the injured ones. All the events were hitch free

Group Urges Buratai To Embrace Partisan Politics By Joining APC

An influential group within the ruling All Progress Party, ‘APC Door-to-door Campaign Forum’ has made a passionate appeal to the Former and Nigeria’s longest serving Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai (RTD) to join the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), saying that would benefit from the tremendous experience of the General especially now that the political atmosphere of the country is gathering momentum toward the 2023 general election.

The group made the appeal in a Press Briefing signed by its National Coordinator, Comrade Ibrahim Dahiru Danfulani, made available to newsmen in Kaduna on Sunday February 16, 2022 during it 7th Northwest Annual meeting

“Ahead of the 2023 general elections in the country, we are making a passionate appeal to Nigeria’s most celebrated Military Chief, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai (Rtd) to join our party, as people like him would of great asset to our party and his present in the party will greatly enhanced the fortune of the party in many more ways.

The group further explains that “While appreciating the fact that the former Army Chief is still contributing positively to Nigeria as the Ambassador of Benin Republic, we want the country to feel his positive contribution politically’’.

They explained that they decided to come out publicly with their appeal, seeing that all efforts to woo him privately have not yielded fruits, “We need General Buratai at the center stage of Nigerian politics considering his wealth of experiences after serving as the Nigerian longest Chief of Army Staff in our history.

Aishatu Buratai Debut Art Exhibition Of Paintings With Different Themes

The maiden art and nature exhibition organized by Aishatu Tukur Buratai held on Saturday 12 February 2022 was a huge success, it not only attract people from different works of life but it was such a unique event that have as display exceptional but she shows some of her favourite pieces especially paintings that are very unique.

Miss Aishatu Tukur Buratai is a mixed media Artist who works mostly with oil on canvas. The paintings on display have different themes but she shows some of her favourite pieces especially paintings that are very close to nature. The Art and Nature collection has many paintings on display with the sun as a recurring symbol of brightness and boldness. The hint of yellow in the title of the exhibition refers to her constant use of yellow and red which run through most of her work.

There are several paintings on display which capture her interest in environmental degradation.

Her love of animals is portrayed in her eclectic animal collection. Her horse duo, one with a blue background and the other with a red background are aptly titled “Night” and “Day.” The artist’s love of nature comes through In her recourse to water and Islands which are reflected in the colour blue in many pieces on display. “A drop of sunlight” is the title of the star of the exhibition which is a sunburst flower that enchants and mesmerized in all its glorious hue of orange and yellow and sun burnt red.

This exhibition also showcases a collection of beautiful photographs on canvas all shot by the artist.

Speaking during the event that took place a at No. 18 Tennessee Crescent, Maitama, Abuja, the Chief Host of the occasion, Dr. Manzo Ahmed who delivered the welcome address, warmly and sincerely welcome the gathering to the special event with the theme “A Hint of Yellow”, “at her instance, we were all invited to be here this afternoon, to look at, admire and appreciate her wonderful works of art and, in the process of doing so, give her the required encouragement, push and support that would enable this young and promising Artist to take her wonderful works of creativity to greater heights.

Therefore, I urge all of us here today, and even those who are not able to be present here with us, to try and discharge this encouraging role with all the zeal and seriousness that it deserves, so as to place Miss

Aishatu Tukur Buratai on the right pedestal, to become one of the finest Artists Nigeria would ever produce”.

In his remark, The Chairman of the occasion, Air Vice Marshal K Aliyu Director Earth Observation Defence Space Administration who is uncle to Miss Aishatu, explained that ‘’Allah has endowed her with this special talent, I could remember how her mother bring some of her works our family platform, we couldn’t know that the project will be this Big, Alhamdulillahi here we are today I pray Allah should continue to bless her efforts to be beneficial to our nation and the world in general”.

Miss Aishatu Tukur Buratai, is a 19 year old student of Nile university or Nigeria, Currently undergoing a

Bachelor’s degree program in the field of Biotechnology.

She hails from Borno State in North East Nigeria. She is a self taught artist. Her involvement with art is one that came naturally. With the encouragement and belief of her family she has been able to soar.

According to Miss Buratai, Newton’s third law of motion state’s “For every action force, there is a reaction force equal in strength and opposite in direction”. By her own admission therefore, art is life and life is art, When emotions are well expressed through art then inner peace settles Miss Buratai is a mixed media Artist.

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